Health is the most valuable thing we have, therefore it should  be a priority for us to maintain it.

Without health we could not study, work, enjoy life with family and friends , among many other things, unfortunately, we do not realize what we have until we lose it . That’s why it is very important that any responsible person makes it a habit of coming in for a preventive medical checkup to prevent medical problems early and prevent future suffering . Avoid future major expenses or emergencies visiting hospitals.

According to the experts, up to 90 % of diseases can be detected early with appropriate prevention.

For example, most people who have serious chronic problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol , diabetes and even cancer don’t  know they have it because they have no symptoms until of course the disease is too advanced and causes heart damage and involves many organs. It is no secret that every day more people spend their lives sitting in front of a computer, eat at odd times of the day, and live stressed out. This type of life generates factors that lead TO Riester chronic disease and death.

Remember that good health is what will allow us to enjoy a good quality of life, so if you wish to live long to share with your loved ones and do what you like, start now concientisarse about the importance of a checkup preventive medical newspaper. The purpose of these visits will be summarized :

1.  Screen for diseases

2. Assess risk of future medical problems

3. Promoting a healthy lifestyle

4 Refresh vaccines

5. Maintain a relationship with your family doctor for any questions or concerns or if this is a disease and has to turn to trusting develop an effective plan of treatment.