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Basic Visits

Physical Therapy



Personalized Service

  • We give an extremely personalized service.
  • We spend the time that is needed to make sure we understand your needs
  • We handle everything from preventive medicine to treatment of acute and chronic conditions
  • we coordinate carefully with the best specialists and discuss a treatment plan with the patient.


Temazcal Family Clinic was created to meet the needs of the community and fill a gap in our current medical system. We offer high quality health care that is driven by a competent, professional and cordial staff. We take pride in serving our patients in a manner that understands their culture and language preferences. Temazcal Family Clinic will make a difference by providing the community with an environment that feels like home. Our staff genuinely cares about your health and well being. Our core values are compassion, humanity, trustworthiness, and responsibility.


Our mission is to educate and promote the health and well being of the local community by offering affordable, high-quality medical services, taking as much time as necessary to understand each patient’s needs, in a comfortable environment that respects and reflects language and culture.